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  • Traceable to NIST
  • Machines equipped with Renishaw touch trigger and scanning 5axis heads, probe changers and a variety of setup accessories

Brown & Sharpe Global 12.30.10 CMM

  • 47″X 118″Y 39″Z

Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage 9.12.08 CMM

  • 35″X 47″Y 31″Z

Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage Silver

12.15.10 CMM

  • 47″X 60″Y 39″Z

Brown and Sharp Global Performance 5.5.5 CMM

  • 20″X 20″Y 20″Z

Brown & Sharpe Mistral 07.10.05 CMM

  • 27″X 39″Y 19″Z

Mitutoyo Crysta-Plus M574

  • 19.68″ X 27.55″Y 15.75″ Z

Optical comparator

  • Top Optical Comparator with scales &ND1202E Geometric DRO with Internal Edge Detection

Multiple Surface Plates

  • with a full complement of inspection tools for bench inspection